Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vegas/Cali/Disney 2011

Other things I want to never forget from our trip:
  • We were packed into the car floor to ceiling. On the way to Vegas we had a car-top carrier that we borrowed. We still had 7 people and all their luggage in our one mini-van. And after Uncle Brice flew out of Las Vegas, Brandon was done with the car-top thing... so we just sat on and around things. It was actually kind of fun. My favorite part was sitting in the back with the kids next to Easton and behind Brandon. Dwight was with his buddies in the back and Uncle Brice got shotgun. I don't know why. But life just seemed right. For four hours. Life was as it should be. And everyone was happy. 

  • I always hope to remember how much Dwight (who is almost 19) and Hailey (who just turned 3) loved the Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters game. I think we did  that about 5 times in the two days we were in the park. It was a fun little family competition and everyone enjoyed themselves! 
  • Three months ago I fell in love with an $850 stroller. I researched it a ton and it was perfect in every way... except that whole price issue. Thanks to Craigslist.com I purchased my stroller from someone in Pasadena, CA for $130!!!!!  It has been every bit as dreamy as I imagined it would be. But for $130 I can sleep at night and not feel like I did anything illegal or immoral by purchasing it!

  • One of my favorite memories of our California trip two years ago was going to spend Sunday with Brandon's Aunt Laurie. We had the most amazing day picnicking in a park and going for a walk along the beach. She is just such an amazing woman. She makes people feel at ease and she will make you into her best friend within five minutes. So this year we spent our first Sunday in town with her again. On the drive home everyone was reviewing their favorite moments and everyone mentioned the time spent with her as one of the highlights. Thank you, Aunt Laurie, for being such a sweet, welcoming person. How incredible that a Sunday afternoon with family can be more special than the days we spent in Disneyland. 
  • I want to remember our hotel in Anaheim. It was perfect. We stayed at a place called Eden Roc. It was a 15 minute walk from our hotel to the gates of Disney. It seriously took us less time to walk then it would have to drive and park and have to take the shuttle from the parking lot. It was GREAT. We also had plenty of space. We had two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen/dining area. I don't really know what it was (probably pregnancy hormones) but there was just something very special and comfortable about our little space in Anaheim. I really don't want to forget it! 
  • Our last night in Disneyland we hauled three kids home and all three were sound asleep. We pulled them out and put them into beds. Two seconds later, we peeked in to make sure the girls were sleeping. They were. But they found each other. I hope they stay that close forever.                                                             


  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time and made lots of lasting, fun, precious memories! Oh, and I think the picture of the girls snuggled together is just adorable!! So darling!

  2. Sounds like a great trip full of fun memories! Glad you got the chance to go!

  3. It sounds like you guys had so much fun! How special and I love the pics, the one in the van reminds me of family vacations growing up and I love the girls snuggling...so sweet!