Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nursery: a last first?

So the twins started nursery today. Last Sunday should have been their first Sunday, but Easton was sick, so they stayed home with Dad. It was crazy to me to see these two little babies walk into nursery and stare blankly at the Stevens (Chelsea and Marcus). We have two nurseries in our ward. C&M are in charge of the younger group which is where the twins obviously are. And my friend Melanie and I run the older group which is where Easton ended up. But, still, think this one through with me. I have THREE kids in nursery. THREE. How lucky am I???

Every mom thinks their babies are not big enough to be in nursery, but mine literally are not big enough. At their 18 month check up this week, they weighed in at a whopping 20.5 lbs. And they are both shorter than any of my other kids were at 12 months! But they walked right in, and sat in the little chairs, and played with the toys, and managed to not have melt-downs until about 5 minutes before the end.

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