Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hailey got Tangled!

Miss Hailey turned 5 last week. And because of her love of the Disney movie, Tangled, we went with a Tangled Viewing Party as a theme this year. This is her beautiful yarn wig that she wore, and will go great with her Rapunzel costume when (and if) she ever gets her dress-up box back from storage...

These were some of the party favors. We made little mini-braids attached to tiaras for the girls. And little frying pans (paper plates with plastic knives attached to the back) for the boys. 

My favorite project of the day was the Tower Cupcakes. I saw the idea on the internet. 
And it was so simple but so so cute. If you are familiar with the movie, it's great how 
much these cupcakes actually look like the tower from the castle. 
They were served up on frying pan plates. If you haven't seen the movie, then you wouldn't understand. 
You've really gotta see this movie.

Popcorn and braids and frying pans in hand, these were a few of Hailey's friends from primary and three of her favorite sisters. All enjoying a really cute Disney flick. Cute kids!

Happy birthday my big 5 year old!

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