Monday, August 22, 2011

Paige the First Grader!

So, Paige started first grade today. I actually didn't cry. I mean, I teared up a couple of times. But full-on sob sessions were avoided (thankfully). I actually had such a fun weekend observing my daughter and being reminded of how she thinks. Like the fact that most of today's preparations were of a superficial nature. Ha ha. She informed me on Friday that she needed to go to bed early on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I questioned why and she said she had to get enough rest over the weekend so that she could look cute on Monday! She also spent days debating the perfect outfit and the perfect shoes to go with them. I remember group home girls we worked with who would lay out their clothes the night before right down to shoes and accessories. I groaned at their obsessiveness and shallow nature. But when my little girl does it, it ain't nothing but cute! 

So Paige has Mrs. Luther for first grade. They seem to be two birds of a feather. Apparently Mrs. Luther thinks that clothes are the world and she and Paige were having a good chat after class about shoes and jewelry and what each would be wearing the next day. It made me laugh. It will be a good year!

Other things I noticed about Paige today that made me smile:
1. She said that math was her favorite part of the day. Condie genes coming through there?
2. She said that I packed too much food for lunch and she missed recess because she needed to eat it all.
3. She came out the doors walking home all by herself. I asked why she didn't walk home with a friend and she said her shoes were cute, but made her feet hurt (because they are brand new). So she just couldn't keep up. OK, maybe number 3 didn't make me smile. Maybe it made me feel a little sad. 
4. Mrs. Luther said that Paige didn't even try and suck her fingers. Not even once!
5. Paige looks way too old and way too mature to be my daughter. And we missed her today. 


  1. I love that first grader! Thanks for the post to fill us all in such a fun day! Paige makes me smile!!!

  2. She is so cute!! I miss you guys so much!!