Sunday, August 21, 2011

31-32 weeks- WARNING- graphic content!

So it has been a long couple of weeks. Really, I have just felt like 40 weeks for over a month already. Which is silly because I know I am 10 weeks shy of that marker. And my biggest laugh is when people tell me that I don't look big. I agree. I don't. BUT I HAVE TWO MONTHS UNTIL MY DUE DATE! Seriously, if I continued to grow for two more month I would look un-human! Luckily for me I know I won't. My doctor is concerned about me being able to stay preggo until September. And even if I do manage that assignment, she has already said that she won't let me go past September 23rd because of complications.

I guess I should fill you in on why she is having concerns. This is where my post gets a little blunt. So if you don't want to know, you should probably stop reading. On Tuesday, August 9th I had a massive scare when I was going to the bathroom. I was getting ready to put Easton down for a nap. It was about noon. I decided I should pee first. Because, let's face it, it had been over an hour so I was overdue. Anyhow, I will spare you most of the details. But there was blood. Lots of blood. I freaked out. I called Brandon who ran out of work and was home in about 2 minutes. So we went in to get checked. I guess it is all just part of the beauty of carrying twins. There is so much trauma going on in so many areas of my body that I just tore a little muscle and everything was fine. Grossed out. But fine. So, since I was already in the office and already being examined, my OB decided she would check my cervix, "just to see." Yeah, I was dilated. Only to a one. But it was enough to freak her out. Apparently doctors really don't like you to be dilated at 31.5 weeks. Ooops.

So my regularly scheduled appointment was supposed to be that Friday. I came in again and got checked again. She called me a 1.5 and told me that I really needed to start taking it easy. She was worried I would make myself bleed again. Or that I will keep dilating. She said she wasn't going to order bedrest. But she was very stern and said, "Whatever you are doing... do WAY less." Then I went over for my first Non-Stress Test and possibly my last official ultrasound at Maternal Fetal Medicine. We were told it would take about 20 minutes for the NST. Two hours later they were sending us over to Labor and Delivery, "for a couple more hours of monitoring." I guess Baby A was having some heart rate issues that they found to be concerning. We were grateful that we had our kids with Dwight and he took care of them ALL DAY. Seven hours later we were released with more warnings about doing a lot less and resting a lot more. I find it really funny that this whole process started with a due date of Oct 7th. Then the goal was to make it until Sept 23rd. And then it was Sept 7th. Now it seems that everyone is cheering and chanting that if I can just hold on until September things will be just fine. So I guess that is my job. Hold on until September. I think I can manage that!

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  1. I can't even imagine. You are amazing! And I believe you can mange it, out of pure stubbornness! Keep up the great work Brodie!