Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have to pee...

So, I really have to pee. It is just part of this whole pleasant pregnancy package. In the space of one hour last night I had to pee so bad that it hurt. Twice. In one hour. And I should mention that laughing, coughing and sneezing or forbidden activities for the next 6 months. Funny thing is that I should have more sympathy for Hailey and the accidents. But my having to pee actually makes me much less patient.

I have to pee.....


  1. I totally get that!! I seriously feel like I need to pack extra clothes with me!! I mean, there is little I can do when i am driving in the car and get one of those hard, fast, no-prep sneezes and can't react in time. Maybe I just need to invest in some depends for a while! (And I am only carrying one...I can't imagine how it would be with the weight of 2 weighing on your bladder).
    it does make me smile to know we are pregnant together again though!! I just wish we were able to get together more. Livvy and I miss you guys!

  2. I love your blog!! Good luck with this pregnancy. :)

  3. haha...Are you not doing your exercises, Brodie?