Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Well, Easter Sunday is almost officially over. So I am rushing to get this blog entry completed before I fall asleep. I am feeling pretty on-the-ball by having all my photos on the computer and in a labeled folder on the day I actually took them! So prepare yourself for a barrage of family fun!

A few nights ago, Aunt Kimberly did pedicures for the girls. They were so excited about their cute purple toes that they had to take a few selfies before we headed to the neighborhood egg hunt. 

I can't tell you how meaningful it was for me to take my five children to the same exact egg hunt 
in the same old park that I went to for years and years as a child. 
I have soooo many memories of Spring Break and shorts and friends and life being fun and care free. 
I am excited that my kids are now making all those same memories. 

Everyone rode the cute little train. Even the twins got a turn. With Diva Hailey riding right behind with her little neighborhood bestie. (She is also visible in the first train photo sporting her awesome shades.)

There were also pony rides. The twins did not participate. But the big three had a blast!


It was a great Good Friday in the park.

Just a shot of the spoils of the morning. The Easter Bunny brought soccer socks/shin guards, cleats, and a soccer ball for the two big girls who are starting soccer on Saturday!!


These two videos are just some footage of the the twins hunting for eggs. Caitlin rushed into it and grabbed an egg and immediate chased down Abigail to put the egg in her basket. We aren't sure if she was being helpful or thoughtful or just didn't get the concept. But either way it was so so cute. Abbie quickly checked out of the hunt because the bubble containers were much cooler. Caitlin rocked things though. She found about 10 right off the bat. And she was even smart enough to open the door on the entertainment center to get one. And determined enough to keep reaching and struggling for one that was just barely out of reach. I was thrilled to catch both of those moments on my iPhone.

And my parents photographed it from the other side on their iPhones. Technology. Weirdness.

Easton just looked like a stud. And was all grown up.

me and the girls. sweetness times four.

Family photos where babies have their eyes shut. But I still like the photo.

And possibly my favorite candid of the day. Brandon is the only one looking at the camera. 
I REALLY love this one.

And this group.

Happy Easter, everyone.

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