Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Kids

I just want to record a little something about each of my kids that I just never want to forget.

Paige: I hope I always remember how organized and dutiful she is. The girl never forgets a responsibility or a due date. She wakes herself up every day with an alarm clock and gets dressed without any help from me. She is constantly reminding me of things I need to get done and she is the best little Assistant Parent ever.

Hailey: Queen of Funk. The girl dances and jives everywhere she goes. And not usually the sweet little ballerina style of dance. She moves and grooves and memorizes every lyric to every song so she can sing along. I love love love her style!

Easton: Man oh man, the boy at bedtime. For over a year and a half he has been the sweetest little boy when it comes to bed and naptime. He needs his blankie, his tassie (pacifier) and his smurfie. We got him a stuffed smurf when he was born because of how much he looked like a smurf at birth. (He was born blue from his quick trip through the birth canal. And they put a little white hat on his head to complete the smurfy resemblance.) Anyhow, he gets into his pack and play, curls up with Smurfie, and wants his blanket on. He likes the blanket so the softer side touches him and he will tell you it's backwards if you do it the wrong way. On the way out of the room he repeats everything you say to him. "Night night." "Love you." "Sweet dreams." And you can tell he is already dozing off as he says each thing. I'm not sure why, but putting him down to sleep is one of my favorite things EVER.

Abigail: Her curls!!  She has a lot more hair than Caitlin and it is soooo curly. But my very favorite is how she spins the curl right behind her right ear when she is tired or stressed or bored.  Picture the most stereotypical blonde twirling her hair around her finger and that is exactly what Abbie does. It's too funny. And I hope she never stops! And just to add to her cute-ness. We are currently watching Mickie Mouse Clubhouse. Abbie was playing and moving and doing her thing. And at the right moment she froze and called out, "Oh Toodles!"

Caitlin: This is our little escape artist. She can crawl into or out of anything. She can get out of a high chair or car seat unless it is SECURELY fastened and tightened. She is in toilets and on tables and up or down stairs before I can even realize I put her down. And she also loves to communicate. She can say a few words (Ma-ma, Da-da, Eyes, Thank you, and a few others.) and she also loves to show everyone their nose, and eyes, and belly and hair. But especially their nose. She and Abigail are best friends and I could spend weeks at a time watching them play and laugh and run around together. They do fight like crazy. I mean, serious full-out tantrums with aggression. But another thing I love about Caitlin is that anytime she hits (me or Abs or anyone else) you say, "be soft" and she grabs your face and strokes it ever so gently. It's somewhat hilarious.

AHHHH, my plan was to write one thing about each kid. And wouldn't it be just like me to ramble on forever and tell you ten things? Oh well. At least a lot of it is recorded now!

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  1. Love this! Your children are all so adorable and unique. You seriously are a super mom. You amaze me! Love reading about your adventures in parenthood!