Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dwight and the Legare Family

I've gotten some friend requests on Facebook from a couple of teenagers up in Maine. They are the Legare kids who have been taught by Elder Edwardson for the past couple of months. He has talked about their family a lot since he has been in Cornish. I can tell how important they are to him. One of the girls (Loreal, 14) sent me a couple of pictures that I thought I should share.

This last picture was taken at the Fryeburg Fair. 
I guess his companion took the picture and it was P-Day so they are in their regular clothes. (Weird!) 
But these three kids are Lily (18), Keeno (20), and Loreal (14) Legare (from left to right). 
He looks genuinely happy. 

So on Saturday, Nov 24th, he had the opportunity to baptize them!!!
He performed these three ordinances and his companion, Elder Woodruff, baptized the parents. 
Another woman in the ward sent me a couple of pictures that just made this "momma's" heart smile!

So proud of my boy!!

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