Sunday, September 30, 2012

2nd Grade Diva

Paige started 2nd Grade on August 27th. 
I am about 1 month behind schedule on getting this entry published. 
Ain't she gorgeous?!?

                            Look at that smile!

  Look at that swag!


                                           I kind of love her.
And she apparently really loves me coming into her classroom to take a picture! Ha ha.

She actually kind of panicked on that first day. She really didn't want me to leave. So her teacher said I could sit and watch for a bit. I stayed for a long time and it seemed to make her feel better. And I was really excited to know that my second grader was NOT ashamed to need me. (Other kids in her class were mortified that their moms even went in the building.) The boy in the red shirt is Ramon. He was the first friend she made in her class that first day. But it sparked a whole conversation about skin color and racism. For anyone who doesn't understand Utah, I am fairly certain that Paige has never had anyone in her class with a different skin color than her. Not that racism is involved. It is just the dynamic of Springville. 
I was really excited that he was the first friend she sought out. 
Then she realized he was a boy. And has cooties. And I don't think they have hung out since. 
But I was glad that her instinct was to want to be friend and not be weird about it! 

Anyhow, she is up and running and loving 2nd grade. She is making lots of friends and enjoying her homework. And I even survived the concept of her riding a bus!


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