Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog is such a stupid word...

Well, I resisted forever. I hate the word blog. It sounds so odd. But after realizing that I SUCK at journaling and scrapbooking, I figured out that I should really get into this whole concept. I have a bit of a Facebook addiction and I realized that everything that Facebook lacks, a blog would fix. So here goes nothing!

I am hoping to use this as a journal for me and for each of my crazy kiddos. So if anyone has advice on how to work this the best way, feel free to comment and help me out!


  1. I've enjoyed looking back at my blog. I use it as a journal and a way for my parents to see my kids growing up since they don't get to see them too much. Good luck! It can be a lot of work (only as much as you want it to be), but so worth it to be able to look back at all sorts of things that you forget. I'm in the process of formatting mine to print off so we have a physical book to flip through (one per year with a DVD in the back of all the videos we took that year).

  2. Awesome, that is exactly what I am hoping to do. One book per year. And possibly a couple books per kid of things that apply to them. I will need lots of tips and advice!